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A friend posted on Facebook…

A comment regarding how she wondered as a child how she fit into this world, and how she continues to ponder that. I don’t know if I gave the right answer, because it’s quite hard when one depends on the valuations of others to make sense of their own life. So to get this point across, I commented that when she stops worrying about how she fits in she’ll find her own place with the people who fit in with her, who accept and love her for her instead of her worrying about who they would want her to be.

It’s weird in that it’s both terrifying and liberating to take a stand on one’s own. To find your own footing Is far easier with support, but you have to be there for yourself first before you can be there for others or you can allow them in to find the true you.

Wish I’d understood this lesson myself so many years ago.

iPhone tumblr apps

Ok, I must say that I’m disappointed that the official tumblr app only supports one account (btw, in a fellow tumblr’s list, I’m 41 and 42, I do believe ;)). And the other apps are lacking in that if they do support multiple users, they either are post only, or a variation of read only (pics only, usually).

If only I could run two instances of the tumblr app, this could be doable, or better yet, add an account switching mechanism like twitter and other apps. I really get annoyed having to switch apps to post, to read, to look at all the pretty pictures, etc.

You know what’s sad in this Dr Who movie debacle…

Is all WB and Yates have to do is talk to NBCU and the
Community folks and license “Inspector Spacetime”. Pay minor licensing to the Beeb for the reference and start a new universe. It *could* work. It would have a slim chance but it could. And it would clear them of having to worry about can(n)on when choosing a show with one of the largest fan bases out there. An obvious homage, but still could potentially stand on its own.

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